The Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya’s Room, Rooftop, and Fundamental Restaurant

Fundamental at the Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya
Fundamental at the Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya

A review of the Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya, which includes the room, Rooftop, and the Fundamental Restaurant.

This is a serviced apartment type of accommodation with one of the most beautiful rooftop viewpoints in Pattaya. Its Fundamental Restaurant on the 23rd floor also provides an equally expansive view of Pattaya and its surroundings.

We reviewed the room, 2 meals and a little afternoon tea set, and below is a summary of what we experienced.

Overview of the Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya

Deluxe Room

What We Liked
• Complete facilities just like home. Very inviting
• Comfortable bed
• Highly service-minded staff
• Valet parking service

What We Didn’t Like
• The room was not effectively soundproofed

Fundamental Restaurant

We Liked
• The view on the rooftop and the restaurant is very beautiful
• Delicious drink
• Unique fusion food, some of which are very noteworthy
• Breakfast buffet has a very good pricing.

We Didn’t Like
• Quite pricey.
• The taste of some dishes was not to our taste.

The Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya is an accommodation in Central Pattaya which is convenient to get to.

However, as it is located along the main road, we were often disturbed by the sound of motorcycles. We stayed on the 17th floor, so it was not too disturbing, but for guests staying on the lower floors may be annoyed by the occasional disturbance.

The Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya has only one restaurant, Fundamental, which serves a fusion-themed menu.

On the day when we tasted some of their dishes, some menu items were perplexing, and we offered some feedback to the hotel. Hopefully, things would have been improved for your stay.

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya’s room rate starts from 55 USD per night including breakfast.
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Deluxe Room

รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya
รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya
รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya
รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya

Medium-sized room, warmly decorated just like home. There is a sofa in the corner to sit and lounge around comfortably. Balcony is adorned with green plants, giving a refreshing feeling, and providing a birdeye’s view of Pattaya.

Absolutely clean, without any signs of dust.

รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya

The mattress and pillows were a bit on the soft side, but not too much and sleep was quite comfortable. Two pillows were provided, which I liked very much as I was fond bolster pillows. The A/C was sufficiently cool and maintained a constant temperature.

Everything was perfect except for the occasional passing motorcycle noises from the main road.

รีวิวห้องดีลักซ์ Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya

Clear glass style bathroom. Not too large, but each section was clearly divided, i.e. the bathtub, shower cabinet, and toilet bowl. The bathroom was installed with an electro-film glass system, in which the glass turns opaque with just a press of a switch.

The feature that I really like is the faucet, which clearly states which way to turn for a normal or rain shower, as well as, hot and cold water. Hot water is available instantly upon a turn of the faucet.

Working Desk
Consists of a wide long counter instead of a desk. Very convenient to work on.

Internet Access
Very fast. However, a little stutter was experienced late at night (probably because of a router reboot).

Lunch at the Fundamental Restaurant

อาหารกลางวัน ห้องอาหาร Fundamental

We tasted drinks, main dishes, desserts, and each menu was a lot of fun, with large portions for each dish. Even though on the day of this review, some dishes were still lacking, but we believe that by now everything should be in place.

Note: There may be some changes to the menu from the time of this review.


Fundamental Sunset

Fundamental Sunset
Sweet with a tinge of sourness. Refreshing with a hint of pomegranate juice and a slight tingling sensation from the soda.

Flower Tea

Flower Tea
Sweet with a slight sourness. The highlight is its strong floral scent.


Iced Cocoa
Uses cocoa imported from Ivory Coast and Ghana, giving it a strong bitterness, yet soft and smooth. This drink is highly recommended.


Thai Tea
Fragrant, strong, not too sweet, good taste, slight bitterness, with a light caramel scent. Loved it.

Main Dishes

Fundamental Traditional Kau-Kem Sauce Pasta

Traditional Kai-Kem Sauce Pasta
Traditional salted egg pasta sauce, soft noodles, tom yum sauce, but with a more fragrant aroma, sprinkled with lots of shrimp roe and lightly fried soft-shell crab. Generous portion, which should be filling right until morning.

Sous Vide Pork Chop Steak

Sous Vide Pork Chop Steak
Great tasty succulent sous vide pork steak, served with truffle mixed with mashed potatoes and black pepper sauce. The meat was fragrant and spicy from the pepper.

Mashed potatoes was smooth and gave off a fragrant truffle aroma. In summary, the dish tasted good, but unfortunately, the pork was a bit dry.

ยำส้มโอ แซลมอน
ยำส้มโอ แซลมอน

Pomelo Spicy Salad with Salmon
Spicy, delicious, fresh salmon, fragrant with chili, and flavored with the sweet and sour taste from the pomelo. This dish is also recommended.

On the day of this review, this dish was not listed on the menu. Try inquiring with the staff if you can’t find it.

ข้าวหน้าเนื้อ Beef Donburi

Beef Donburi with Rice
Large bowl of Japanese rice topped with soft and tender beef, with sweet and salty sauce which gave off a slight beefy aroma. Served with kimchi and soup. Delicious, but the 480 baht price tag was a bit hefty.


Fundamental Croffle

Fundamental Croffle
Croffles served with ice cream and condiments. The croffles were buttery, sweet, crispy on the outside, and had a sticky texture.

Served with standard chocolate ice cream, crumble, sweet cream, and sour fruits. Personally, I like it very much.

Creative Dark Chocolate Dome

Creative Dark Chocolate Dome
Dark Choc Dome created by ‘Iron Chef’ Kong. Dark chocolate on the outside, giving a good balance of bitter and sweet.

The inside is a soft chocolate mousse*** filled with strawberries and served with macarons that we found to be a bit on the crispy side.

***Not really sure if it was a mousse or ice cream, but it tasted a lot like chocolate ice cream. But again, maybe it was because we took our time in eating it and it was melting.

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Crispy macarons with panna cotta served with crumble. Should be eaten together in one bite to experience the crispy, sweet, and buttery flavor of the crumble.

Breakfast at the Fundamental Restaurant

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The a la carte breakfast buffet consisted of several creative and delicious menu items (but some items may seem a little strange).

Food and coffee can be ordered at the table, but you are free to pick up the fruit juice, milk, salad, and bakery items, as you like.

Most importantly, anyone who likes to take pictures of the beautiful morning light will love it as you are allowed to go up to the rooftop as well.

Salmon Ojiya

Salmon Ojiya
Plumb Japanese rice mixed with edamame. Soft and succulent salmon, with soft-boiled ‘onsen’ egg, salty flavor with a light Japanese sauce and dried fish aroma.

Kanom Jeen Namya

Kanom Jeen Namya (Rice Vermicelli with Fish Curry Sauce)
Plumb udon-style noodles in spicy salty fish sauce. Topped with lightly grilled salmon. This dish tastes very good.

Classic American

Classic American
Standard breakfast with choice of eggs. The highlight is the taut-skinned sausage, salty flavor with a slight pepper and rosemary aroma.

Guay Jub

Guay Jub (Boiled rice flour in pork soup)
Guay Jub, a sweet and salty soup seasoned with Chinese herbs, topped with minced pork, stewed beef, kale. I wish the noodles and stewed beef were a little more softer. Personally, I didn’t like it.


Yentafo (Noodles in Red Sauce)
Yentafo features condiments similar to Guay Jub, but is different due to the change from a Chinese herb seasoned soup to a slightly sweet red sauce soup.

The tofu aroma from the broth was very thin, and you need to additionally season it to suit your taste buds. Personally, I don’t recommend this dish.

Egg Benedict

Egg Benedict
Soft egg whites, moist yolk, topped with spinach, bread, and topped with crispy bacon. Slightly sour taste from the sauce, fragrant buttery aroma. Enjoyed this dish very much.

Fundamental Jok

Fundamental Jok (Rice Congee)
Standard rice congee, fine rice, very mild flavor and needed additional seasoning. This dish pictured on the menu comes with a big amount of meat, but was missing from the actual dish.

“Is this from the menu?” I asked and showed the menu.
“Yes, it doesn’t really resemble what’s featured in the photo”, the waiter smiled embarrassingly.


Kimchi Fried Rice
Japanese rice, spicy and sour kimchi, egg, bacon, and topped with a small amount of seaweed. Taste was ok, but the amount of rice was a bit overwhelming.

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya Rooftop

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya Rooftop
Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya Rooftop
Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya Rooftop

One of Pattaya’s most popular rooftops at this moment, where stunning views of Pattaya can be enjoyed, both in the mornings and evenings.

However, mornings are less crowded, and is much easier to take photos. Evenings are more bustling due to the beautiful sunsets.

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya Rooftop

But on days when the hotel is fully booked, the area will be reserved for hotel guests only between 13.00 – 17.00 hrs. It is highly recommended to contact the hotel first before going up to the Rooftop.

Map, Opening Hours, Pricing

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya


• Pattaya 3rd Road, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri

Opening Hours

Fundamental Restaurant
• Mondays – Fridays
• Breakfast Buffet: Mondays-Fridays 06.00 – 10.00 hrs.
• Breakfast Buffet: Saturdays-Sundays 06.00 – 11.30 hrs.
• General Service: Mondays-Fridays, open until 22.00 hrs.
• General Service: Saturdays-Sundays and Public Holidays, open until 23.00 hrs.

• Daily 10.00 – 22.00 hrs., but visitors are allowed to access the area to take photos from early morning.
• If the hotel is fully booked, the area will be reserved for hotel guests only between 13.00 – 17.00 hrs.


• Room rate starts from 55 USD per night including breakfast.
Book your stay: Agoda
Book your stay:

Contact Information

Arbour Hotel And Residence Pattaya
• Tel: +66(0)38 195 600, +66(0)38 195 601
• FB: arbourhotelandresidence
• Line: @arbourpattaya
• Email: