Visiting Bangkok Snake Farm, the World’s Second Oldest Snake Farm

A snake show at Bangkok Snake Farm

If you want to take a break from shopping malls and temples, visiting Bangkok Snake Farm is a great idea.

This little gem sits right in the center of Bangkok, easily accessed by MRT, and you can see the famous snake show, totally recommended.

History of Bangkok Snake Farm

This institute was founded by King Rama VI in 1912 and initially focus on manufacture and distribute rabies vaccine. Then in 1917 it was placed under Thai Red Cross and also started producing a vaccine against smallpox.

In 1922, the institute changed its name to Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, the king’s mother. And establish a snake farm, and manufacture antivenom for snake bites.

Bangkok Snake Farm at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is the first snake farm in Asia and the second snake farm in the world after Instituto Butantan in São Paulo, Brazil.

Outdoor Snake House

You can walk around to see the houses of various snake species. Some of them are hiding, so you need good eyes to find them. The Snake Farm Show takes place in this area.

Snake Museum

This is a small museum next to the Outdoor Snake House.

Its first floor has more snake houses and a stage for a venom extraction show.

Its second floor has snakeskin, preserved snake, snake skeleton and other educational stuff.

Bangkok Snake Farm Show

Bangkok Snake Farm Show is the highlight of this place; it is both educational and entertain at the same time.

You will see various snakes up close and in the end, you will have a chance to take photos with a big snake.

This place is generally quite quiet, but many people will come during the showtime. If you want to sit in front of everyone and be as near the snake as possible, come about 10 minutes earlier to preserve your seat.

How to Get to Bangkok Snake Farm

• Get on an MRT and get off at Samyan MRT station, then walk about 500 meters to snake farm.
• You can also get off at Si Lom MRT station, then walk about 650 meters to snake farm.

Opening Hours, Entrance Fee

Opening Hours

• 09.30-15.30 hrs.
• Venom extraction: 11.00 hrs.
• Snake Show: 14.00 hrs.

Weekends and holidays
• 09.30-13.30 hrs.
• Snake Show: 11.00 hrs.

Entrance Fee

• Adult: 200 baht
• Student: 100 baht (please show student card)
• Children 50 baht

• Adult: 40 baht
• Student: 20 baht (please show student card)
• Children 10 baht