Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore, Experiencing the Romantic Dinner in the Sky

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore

Imagine you are having dinner with the incredible sunset view at the Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore, the most romantic dinner experience on Mount Faber.

Let’s see the pros and cons, how much the dinner cost, and how to get there. Here we have information for you.


รีวิว Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore

What We Liked

  • Very good service. The ticket salesman and waiters are service-minded
  • Foods are delicious
  • Incredible atmosphere and a nice view
  • The cable car is safe

What We Didn’t Like

  • When it’s raining heavily, the cable car service will be temporarily stopped for safety, so it wastes time.
  • Not good for anyone that afraid of heights.
  • Don’t have much time on the cable car (just 1 hour)

First, we were concerned that the food at this kind of restaurant was delicious or not, truly, all foods are very delicious.

We also enjoy the incredible view that enhances the best dining experience for us.

If you have a chance to visit Singapore with time and budget, we recommend you guys visit here at the Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore.

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore, the course starts at 2,700 baht/person. The reservation is applicable for at least 2 persons. You may check deals on Klook for special offers.


On the Cable Car

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore
Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore
Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore

Poland’s Bells of Happiness

Poland's Bells of Happiness

The Poland’s Bell of Happiness is a hundred-year-old bell with the legend. People believe that if 2 people ring the bell, their wish will be fulfilled.

What is so nice is that we can purchase little bells from a souvenir shop and write our wish, then, hang them on the railing behind the restaurant.

Mount Faber

รีวิว Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore is located at Mount Faber, the large park where everyone can enjoy exercise, trekking, and one of the best spots for city sightseeing.

Over here, you can also walk to Henderson Waves, another popular spot in Singapore.

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore has 2 packages in which the meal will be served as a set, you can’t select the menu.

Singapore Flavours Cabin
Singapore Flavours Cabin
Singapore Flavours Cabin

Singapore Flavors Cabin
4 menus served as a bento, including mocktail and dessert, see menu here.

Stardust Cabin
4 Fine-dining courses, including wine and cocktails, see menu here.

We’ve tried Singapore Flavors Cabin, so we would like to recommend this one.

Getting There

Getting on the Cable Car Sky Dining

MRT / Bus

• For using public transport. First, you need to go to HarbourFront Center

How to get to HarbourFront Centre from MRT

Go to HarbourFront Centre via MRT
• Taking MRT to Harbourfront Station
• Go to Exit B to Cable Car / HarbourFront Centre

Go to HarbourFront Centre via Bus
• There are many bus lines including 10, 30, 57, 61, 65, 80, and others. You can use Google Maps to navigate as well.

HarbourFront Centre to the Cable Car

From HarbourFront Centre to the Cable Car
• Go to the 2nd floor of HarbourFront Centre and cross the overpass to Tower Two
• Walk following the signs
• You will see the ticket counter on the 1st floor behind Tower Two
• If you already purchased the Cable Car Sky Dining package, you can take the elevator to the cable car station
• Show your reserved ticket to staff and take the cable car to Mount Faber
• When arriving at Mount Faber, you need to contact Arbora. The staff will arrange the queue for you


•  This is the most convenient transportation since you can take a taxi to Mount Faber directly

Location, Opening Hours, Pricing

Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore


• Level 2 Faber Peak Singapore, 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203

Opening Hours

• You can get on the cable car from 17.30 to 18.30 hrs.
• Getting on the cable car after 18.30 hrs., you will have less time to enjoy the view


Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore
• Start from 2,700 baht. Reserve at least 2 persons
• Recommend booking via Klook since they have special offers
Cable Car (No food)
• You can enjoy the cable car, ticket 950 baht
• You can book via Klook for special offers