A Review of Fridays-Saturdays Dinner Buffet at the Chatrium Grand Bangkok

บุฟเฟ่ต์มื้อค่ำวันศุกร์ - เสาร์ โรงแรม Chatrium Grand Bangkok

Fridays-Saturdays Dinner Buffet at the Chatrium Grand Bangkok doesn’t focus on providing a wide variety of food but rather on taste and the use of premium ingredients.

Most of the time, the chef will individually cook one dish at a time. Personally, we love it here, but will you like it? Read on for our review.


Savio at Chatrium Grand Bangkok
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• Premium ingredients
• Freshly cooked food
• Spicy and flavorful Thai cuisine
• The ice cream is delicious, so don’t miss it!
• Attractively decorated restaurant, spacious, and comes with great service


• Not a wide variety of items to choose from, but the majority of the selected items are simply delicious
• Prefer that the pasta would be a bit richer
• Dim Sum and cakes are not so outstanding

Daily buffets are available here for both lunch and dinner.

Fewer choices are available for lunch and is much cheaper. Dinner has a wider variety of food but is also priced higher, especially for Friday-Saturday dinner buffets, and also offers premium items. For those who like foie gras, it is available on these two days.

The restaurant doesn’t feature a wide variety of menu items, but mostly emphasizes fresh individually cooked dishes.

For those who prefer a wide variety of food, this place may not be suitable for you.

At the time of our review (March 15, 2023), the hotel did not have any convenient channels for accepting bookings.

Therefore, if you like to take a look at the menu and make bookings, you can do so through Hungry Hub, which is much more convenient.


Chatrium Grand Bangkok
Savio at Chatrium Grand Bangkok

The Dinner Buffet takes place at the Savio Restaurant features gold décor, high ceilings, elegant and casual looks.

Recommended menu items for the Friday-Saturday Dinner Buffets at the Chatrium Grand Hotel Bangkok

• Salmon, tuna, Hamachi, and Hotate (scallop sashimi)
• Wagyu beef, river prawns, salmon teppanyaki
• Seafood on Ice, featuring lobsters, blue crabs, oysters
• Foie Gras, grilled scallops
• Wagyu beef soup
• Blueberry Cheesecake
• Ice Cream

Some items will be changed from day to day, so on the day of your visit, certain items may not be available as featured in this post.

Other Items

Listed below are among some of the items that we tasted on the day of our visit.

Seafood On Ice

Seafood On Ice

Fresh and firm. Naturally sweet.

Excellent. Fresh, without being mucid.


The meat was firm and fresh, but we thought that it was a bit bland and not so flavorful.

Seafood Dipping Sauce
Flavorful and distinctly spicy, as most Thais like it. May be considered too spicy for foreigners.

Japanese Cuisine

The featured set was arranged for photographic purposes only.

Featured fresh and soft salmon. The tuna, Hamachi, salmon roe, and Hotate, were all fresh and of premium grade.

The rice was not too tightly rolled and had a slightly sour taste. The portion of meat and rice was appropriate.


Featured Wagyu beef, mussels, river prawns, and salmon. Make your order and it will be served right to your table.

We only tasted one item, which was the Wagyu beef. Though a bit mild, but it had a super soft texture.


Australian Black Angus Rib
Soft, juicy, smooth, with a slight beefy aroma. The steak menu also changes from time to time.

In addition to the steaks, there were also other items that you can order.

Scallop With Lobsters Source
Meaty scallops that were very fresh, featured a salty taste from the salmon roe, and supplemented by the lobster scented sauce.

Foie Gras 
Melts in your mouth, came with a grilled aroma, and featured a crispy texture from the sprinkled almonds. Mildly salty, and a bit of sourness from the berry sauce.

มีหลายเมนูให้เลือก เราสั่งคาโบนาร่า เชฟทำเสร็จแล้วก็เอาไปคลุกในชีสก้อนใหญ่อีกที ทำให้ค่อนข้างเข้มข้น แต่รสอ่อน


Wagyu beef soup, and a very good beefy aroma.

The meat was tender and fresh, and we had the option of helping ourselves to unlimited servings of the stewed tendon, which was so soft and bouncy.

Dim Sum

Featured dumplings, Har Gow, Fun Guo, and steamed buns.

Dumplings and Har Gow fillings consisted of shrimp mixed with pork that was not too greasy. As for the Fun Guo fillings, it was stuffed with vegetable.

Their taste was nice but if you are really into it, it’s better to go to a Chinese restaurant.

Thai Cuisine

It is a corner where crabs, shrimps, scallops, etc. are used to cook Thai dishes. Any dish that is depleted will be replenished by the chef accordingly.

We tasted a little bit here and there, and certify that the taste is flavorful and spicy.

Indian Cuisine

Featured 4-5 dishes, but we didn’t try out any.

Cheese and Cold Cuts

Another item that we didn’t try out.


We were quite indifferent to the desserts here except for the ice cream which is not to be missed as it featured a high quality of ingredients similar to Häagen-Dazs… Oh, or was it Häagen-Dazs?

Location, Opening Hours, Pricing

Buffet at the Chatrium Grand Hotel Bangkok


• The Savio Restaurant at the Chatrium Grand Hotel Bangkok
• Enter through Siam Paragon or through the Soi Bangkok Business College on Petchaburi Road. However, exits must also be made via Petchaburi Road only.

Opening Hours

• Lunch Buffet 12.00 – 14.30 hrs.
• Dinner Buffet 18.00 – 22.00 hrs.


Lunch Buffet
• Mondays-Fridays 995 baht net
• Saturdays-Sundays 1,450 baht net
Dinner Buffet
• Sundays-Thursdays 1,450 baht net
• Fridays-Saturdays 1,995 baht net
• Minimum booking: 1
• To see the menu and make bookings through Hungry Hub, click

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