A Review of Giorgio’s, an Italian Restaurant at the Royal Orchid Sheraton

Giorgio’s at the Royal Orchid Sheraton

A review of Giorgio’s, a premium Italian restaurant located along the Chao Phraya River, at the Royal Orchid Sheraton. Normally, they serve a-la-carte dishes but is now currently offering a buffet for big eaters, as well as affordable set meals.

For walk-ins, you can still use this review as a guide, because whether you make advance bookings for a buffet or not, you will be treated to the same food quality.

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• Use excellent ingredients, and delicious full-flavored food.
• Attractive restaurant with a good ambiance, located along the Chao Phraya River.
• Ample hotel parking space.


• Food prices are quite high.
• Buffet price does not include beverages (but set meals do).
• The salad (that we tasted) was rather sweet.
• Medium-quality desserts.
• The buffet is suitable for really big eaters.

Giorgio’s at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel is an Italian restaurant with premium pricing.

However, the price is consistent with the use of premium-grade ingredients such as tiger prawns and snow fish (Gindara). Soups and sauces are richly flavored. The ambiance along the Chao Phraya River also adds a unique dining experience.

Interested diners can book a buffet and view the restaurant’s menu at Hungry Hub. Cancellations can also be made at any time. Click here.


Giorgio's at Royal Orchid Sheraton
Giorgio's at Royal Orchid Sheraton
Giorgio's at Royal Orchid Sheraton
Giorgio's at Royal Orchid Sheraton
Giorgio's at Royal Orchid Sheraton

The restaurant is located along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, in which diners have a spectacular view of IconSiam. The evening ambiance is better than during the day.

Listed below are among some of the recommended food items at Giorgio’s at Royal Orchid Sheraton
• Grilled snow fish served with hollandaise sauce.
• Grilled jumbo shrimp served with spinach and potatoes.
• Grilled lamb ribs.
• Calamari
• Classic seafood bisque
• Beef lasagna
• Parma ham pizza
• Chocolate lava cake served with caramel ice cream

Other Items

Listed below are some of the items we tasted on the day of our review.

ซี่โครงแกะย่าง (Grilled Lamb Cutlets Fresh Rosemary, Mustard And Garlic Olive Oil And Lamb Jus)

Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Fresh Rosemary, Mustard, Garlic Olive Oil, and Lamb Jus
The meat was very soft, juicy, and came with a slight lamb aroma. The accompanying pepper sauce was mildly sweet and salty. Very good, and reasonably priced.

สเต็กเนื้อสันในย่างกับกุ้งย่าง (Prime Angus Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Prawns, Surf And Turf)

Prime Angus Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Prawns, Surf and Turf
Nice aroma from the pepper. The accompanying mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables were absolutely delicious. The grilled prawns were of medium freshness.

It should be eaten while hot when the meat is still tender and juicy.

กุ้งจัมโบ้ย่าง เสริฟพร้อมผักโขมและมันฝรั่ง (Grilled Jumbo Prawns With Garlic, Lemon, Olive Oil And Parsley On Spinach Butter And Potatoes)

Grilled Jumbo Prawns With Garlic, Lemon, Olive Oil, and Parsley on Spinach Butter and Potatoes
Big chewy tiger prawns accompanied with fragrant prawn fat, topped with a mildly sweet-salted pepper sauce. No additional seasoning is needed and you can order as much as you like.

ปลาหิมะย่าง เสริฟพร้อมซอสฮอลแลนเดซ (Grilled Snow Fish Fillet With Greenasparagus And Sauce Garlic, Capper Hollandaise Sauce)

Grilled Snow Fish Fillet With Green Asparagus and Garlic Sauce, Capper Hollandaise Sauce
Mild salty taste and grilled aroma. Thick pieces of smooth and fine texture fish fillet. Ultimate creaminess, served with hollandaise sauce.

The flavoring was additionally aided by the greasiness of the egg yolk, ending with a lemony scent. Absolutely satisfying creaminess.

ซุปข้นซีฟู้ด (Classic Seafood Bisque)

Classic Seafood Bisque
Consisted of shrimps, scallops, mussels, squid, and fragrant brandy mixed with the scent of the sea, slightly salty and sweet in taste. Goes well with the bread.

The soup was absolutely flavorful and was packed full of fresh seafood ingredients.

พิซซ่าพาร์มาแฮม (Prosciutto Burrata)

Prosciutto Burrata
The Parma ham was very aromatic, and its saltiness was further enhanced by both the Parmesan and Burrata cheese, and was well-contrasted by the bitter rocket vegetable. The dough was chewy and fun to enjoy. Highly recommended.

เครปเค้กเนื้อปู (Crab Cakes On Saffron Scented Herb Sauce)

Crab Cakes on Saffron Scented Herb Sauce
Generous servings of big crab meat, but was not crispy for long. Not suitable for diners who don’t like sweet peppers as the smell and taste of the peppers overwhelmed the crab meat.

The crab cakes were to be dipped in saffron-scented herb sauce, which yielded a combination of flavors that consisted of a slight saltiness, greasiness, sour and sweet.

ลาซานญ่าเนื้อ (Oven-Baked Beef Lasagna)

Oven-Baked Beef Lasagna
Very aromatic, heavy on the cheese, crisp salty oily taste, with a slight sourness from the tomato. The lasagna flour was soft and smooth.

ปลาหมึกทอด (Calamari Fried Crispy)

Deep-fried Crispy Calamari
Crispy, firm, bouncy squid, lightly salted and scented with spices.

The dish was served with sour tartar sauce and complimented with fried onions rings that looked exactly the same and was equally delicious. There was a slight oily fragrance that may not be liked by diners who don’t like fried food.

But I’ll order it again on my next visit.^^

ขนมปังโฮมเมด บรูสเคต้ามะเขือเทศ (Burrata, Prosciutto, Rocket Salad And Cherry Tomatoes)

Homemade Burrata, Prosciutto, Rocket Salad and Cherry Tomatoes
Looks very ordinary, but it was an appetizer that we really liked and would have to try it wherever we go.

The bread here is a combination of slightly sweet and salty, and is also aromatic with the onion, basil, garlic, pepper, and olive oil.

The accompanying French bread was crispy on the outside while being soft and chewy on the inside. Simply delicious. The bread was quite large in size, even for a buffet.

สลัดบีทรูทอบ (Roasted Beetroot With Mixed Green, Walnut And Fresh Stracciatella Cheese)

Roasted Beetroot with Mixed Green, Walnut and Fresh Stracciatella Cheese
Soft and crunchy roasted beetroot topped with sweet and sour salad dressing, and contrasted well with the bitterness of the savory rocket. The dish was also well-complimented by crispy pine nuts.

Personally, I felt that it was a bit too sweet.

ทีรามิสุ (Classic Tiramisu With Mascarpone Cream Cheese And Coffee Flavored Lady Finger)

Classic Tiramisu With Mascarpone Cream Cheese and Coffee-Flavored Lady Finger
Nice aroma of the coffee, with just the right fragrance level of the liquor without being too pungent. There were also crunchy sweet chocolate flakes to chew on, with a fragrant light cream. The dish was served with sour fruits that helped reduce the greasiness.

Not as juicy as expected, but served in a generous portion, making us very full.

พานาคอตต้า กับราสเบอรี่ (Panna Cotta With Raspberry Coulis)

Panna Cotta With Raspberry Coulis
Smooth texture with a mild vanilla aroma. Not overly sweet, goes well with the intense raspberry sauce, and is well-complimented by the light whipped cream.

ช็อคโกแลตลาวาเค้ก (Chocolate Lava Cake, Caramel Ice Cream)

Chocolate Lava Cake, Caramel Ice Cream
Served with rich caramel-flavor ice cream. Sweet and absolutely tasty. The dish was also sprinkled with crispy salty crumbles and eaten together with a rich chocolate cake.

The only thing that I can mention is; can I have another serving, please?

Location, Opening Hours, Pricing

Giorgio’s at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel


• Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers
• 2 Charoen Krung Road, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500

Opening Hours

• Daily 12.00-22.00 hrs.


Italian Cuisine Buffet
• Authentic Italian Experience, 1,098 baht net. Not many food items to choose from. Pizzas are quite basic. Baked sea bass is available, but no steak.
• Premium Authentic Italian Experience,1,428 baht net. More food options to choose from, which include pork and chicken steaks.
• Platinum Authentic Italian Experience, 2,198 baht net. This option includes the largest selection of food, which also includes tiger prawns, snow fish, and tenderloin steak.
• Buffet requires a minimum booking of 2 guests.
• Buffet time limit: 2 hours
• Buffet price is inclusive of desserts but does not include drinks.

Set Menu
• 1,000-2,400 baht net for 2-4 persons.
• Accepts a 1-person booking, and the price is also inclusive of drinks.
• For diners who are not big eaters, we recommend the set menu.

The above-mentioned prices do not apply to walk-ins. Click Here to make bookings through Hungry Hub, and view the restaurant’s menu.