A Review of Kiku Sushi Omakase at the Lancaster Bangkok, by a master chef with over 40 years of experience.

Kiku Sushi Omakase at the Lancaster Bangkok, by a master chef with over 40 years of experience.

A Review of Kiku Sushi Omakase at the Lancaster Hotel Bangkok, trying the “Edomae” style omakase crafted by Nakaseko Jun, a master chef with over 40 years of experience.

Although we’ve experienced good-quality sashimi and sushi before, this was our first time tasting omakase, and found that it was an experience that took us to another level.



• Premium grade ingredients and very fresh.
• Super delicious sushi.
• Attractive restaurant.
• Courteous staff.
• Food and experience was worth every baht.
• Availability of inexpensive lunch sets.
• Ample hotel parking space.


• Omakase was not so filling.

Kiku Sushi at the Lancaster Hotel Bangkok, is a Japanese restaurant that focuses on omakase.

In other words, the available menu on offer changes regularly according to the raw materials that the chef procures personally and is prepared in an Edomae style, which is an authentic traditional Japanese cuisine. The menu emphasizes on using ingredients that are of the highest quality and cooked to enhance and bring out its true flavors.

And for those who would like to sample the chef’s skill or want to experience a delicious lunch at an affordable price, the restaurant also offers a lunch set menu to order which we also ordered for our review.


Recommended menu items at Kiku Sushi Omakase at the Lancaster Bangkok
• Omakase
• Lunch Set

Other Menu Items

All the food that we sampled on the day of our review.

Omakase (Hana Course)

Maguro Skin
Japanese tuna skin (Maguro), firm texture with a small amount of fat. Refreshing sour taste, followed by just the perfect amount of sweet and saltiness. Nice aroma of the soy sauce.

Sashimi (Otoro / Kanpachi / Tachiuo / Ishidai / Ainame)
A combination of various types of sashimi;
• Otoro, Japanese tuna belly with a generous amount of fatty meat. Simply melts in your mouth.
• Kanpachi, and Ishidai, tasty fish from the Kyushu region
• Tachiuo, or the silver swordfish.
• Ainame, a fish commonly found near undersea rocks, which are very rare and expensive.

All of the above were very fresh, and we dare say that it’s probably the freshest sashimi we’ve ever tasted.

Shirako Tempura / Shirauo Kara-Age / Tai Nanban Zuke
Tempura from the sperm tubes of a fish. Thin crispy batter which was not greasy it is creamy but without the fishy smell. The flavor was enhanced when taken with salt and green tea powder.

This dish is served with a pair of deep-fried Shirauo fish that was placed on top of the lemon. Good salty taste, enhanced by the mild lemon scent, and Japanese snapper (Tai) steamed in soy sauce. Firm meat with a sweet and sour taste and enhanced by a light spicy taste from the onions.

Mixed Fish Hotate Ebi Jibuni
A dish that combines several seafood items, which includes hotate, shrimp, fish, and is topped with salmon roe cooked in the Jibuni style, which is a traditional dish that is popular in Kanazawa.

The dish is prepared by simmering ingredients with vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, and then adding wheat flour to form a thick, viscous soup with a moderately sweet and salty taste.

Hotaru Ika
Hotaru Ika, or firefly squid, is a well-known seafood item from Toyama. It is served with sweet and sour Japanese dressing, and supplemented by shark fin jelly and Zuwai crab meat.

We mixed all the ingredients together which resulted in a sweet and oily taste with a slight sourness, accompanied by the faint scent of the salty sea and a lemon fragrance.

Fukahire Chawanmushi
A small bowl of steamed egg which was packed with premium ingredients such as shark fin, salmon roe, and sea urchin.

The soft texture of the eggs and the fragrant fish-scented soup supplemented with the salty taste of the salmon roe and the soft creaminess of the oyster eggs resulted in a perfectly balanced dish.

Sushi (Akami / Chutoro / Otoro / Hirame/ Tai / Akagai / Suzuki / Uni)
In addition to the freshness and quality of the raw materials, an additional outstanding feature was the plump rice grains that was kneaded to just the right size.

The grains were not too mushy nor too dry. The chef also added just the right amount of wasabi and shoyu to make every bite perfectly flavorful enough but not so much that it overwhelmed the taste of the raw materials.

The thing that impressed us the most about this dish was the sea urchin sushi, which was soft, fragrant, melted in the mouth, and did not have any unwanted fishy smell.

Our Hana Course ended with 3 styles of desserts and a cup of green tea.

Matcha Yogurt Cheesecake
Smooth cheesecake with a mild sweet and sour taste. Intense but not too overwhelming. Distinct cheese and yogurt aroma and supplemented with a light green tea scent, giving the cake additional dimension.

Strawberry Thai Tea
Fragrant Thai tea, slightly sweet taste, with a soft silky taste from the cream, and is enhanced by the sourness from the strawberry.

Apple Sorbet
Flaky ice cream, with a mild sweetness. The creaminess and sour taste were provided by the yogurt. Soft apple aroma.

Shizuoka Green Tea
Mildly bitter green tea with a mild aroma, which perfectly rinses the taste buds at the end of a very satisfying meal.

Lunch Set (Noodle & Bara Chirashi Set)

As the Hana Course didn’t make us too full, we also ordered a set lunch to supplement our meal. What we found out was, even though it was the cheapest set on the menu, it was still absolutely delicious, especially the raw fish rice bowl.

Soft and chewy ramen served in a sweet and salty soy sauce soup. It had an umami taste similar to an instant noodle soup, has a nice fragrance of garlic, fish, and seaweed, and was served with a moderate amount of pork. I personally think this item is delicious but not that outstanding. The portion served was considerably generous.

Bara Chirashi Bowl
The rice was well-cooked and came with a slightly sour taste and the spiciness was provided from the wasabi. The fish served in this dish had the same level of freshness as the omakase. Outstandingly delicious. I wished they would sell it separately.

Matcha yogurt cheesecake and apple sorbet, similar to the items served in the omakase course.

Location, Opening Hours, and Pricing

Kiku Sushi Omakase, Lancaster Hotel Bangkok


• The Lancaster Hotel Bangkok
• 1777 Phetchaburi Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

Opening Hours

• Wednesdays-Sundays 12.00 – 14.00 hrs., and 17.00 – 19.00 hrs.
• Limited to only 6 seatings per session.


Hana Course 7-Course
• 3,236.75 baht net
• Exclusive of drinks
Kiku Course 9-Course
• 5,296.50 baht net
• Exclusive of drinks
Lunch Set
• Starting from 400++ baht

Contact Information

• Tel: 02-262-8089
• Facebook: kikuomakase
• LINE Official: @kikusushi or https://lin.ee/g6ddnyA