Metro on Wireless, Afternoon Tea With Unlimited Drinks in an Attractive Restaurant

Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea

Enjoying pleasant snacks with the Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea Set in an attractive restaurant where you can order unlimited drinks for up to 3 hours at a price of just 1000 baht net for 2 person2.

What are the strong/weak points, and what are some of the recommended menu items? Read on to find out.



Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea

Strong Points

• Several delicious dishes in the set
• Inexpensive
• Beautiful hotel, attractive restaurant, with numerous photo ops.
• Unlimited drinks (limited to 3 hours)
• The quality of the drinks are acceptable, similar to a typical coffee shop.

Weak Points

• Not so fulfilling ^^

The “Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea Set”, is a cute and colorful afternoon tea set offered by Metro On Wireless restaurant which is located in the Hotel Indigo Bangkok, on Wireless Road.

The set consists of a variety of traditional Thai desserts, savory dishes, and bakery items. Fun that can be enjoyed on any afternoon.

The drinks are not uniquely tasty but are mostly considered standard. However, most importantly, the drinks are unlimited for up to 3 hours, at a price of only 1000 baht net for 2 persons.

The hotel also has other interesting promotions. For details, go to:


Metro On Wireless at Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, an IHG Hotel
Metro On Wireless at Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, an IHG Hotel
Metro On Wireless at Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, an IHG Hotel

The Metro On Wireless restaurant is located in the Hotel Indigo Bangkok on Wireless Road, an IHG Hotel. It is not a large hotel, but considerably attractive from a variety of perspectives.

• “Khao Kra Ya Koo” (Young rice pudding)
• Thai Milk Tea Pudding
• Chicken Satay
• “Ma-Hor” (minced pork, salted turnip, peanut, palm sugar, and pineapple)
• Smoked Salmon Rolls
• Vegetable Spring Rolls
• Deep-fried Shrimp Cakes
• Pork Namtok (Thai-style spicy pork salad)
• “Larb Ped Khao Tang Krob”, spicy duck salad on crispy rice cake (should be eaten immediately when served)

Other Menu Items

Afternoon Tea

The various food items that we enjoyed on the review date.

Menu Items Included in the Afternoon Tea Set

Consisted of several styles of food items, all served in small bowls. Very enjoyable, but some were so delicious that we wanted to order more.

Afternoon Tea

Homemade Scones
A bit dry and crumbly. Not buttery enough. Should be taken with whipped cream, jam, and drinks.

Thai Milk Tea Pudding
Beware of spatters when scooping!!

Sweetness was similar to condensed milk. Moderately fragrant with the aroma of traditional Thai milk tea. Personally, I’d like the aroma to be a bit more defined. But I think it’s delicious.

Young Rice Pudding
The flour was soft and smooth, with the distinctive aroma of pandan. Just the right sweetness and perfectly infused with the slightly salty taste of coconut milk. Liked it.

Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce
Just the perfect amount of moderate sweetness. Not too heavy nor greasy. However, the accompanying sauce we got was strawberries.

Dark Chocolate Brownies
Crispy exterior, while dry on the inside. Medium-intensity dark chocolate. Suitable to be taken with drinks.

Afternoon Tea

Viennese Egg Salad Sandwich
Viennese Egg Salad Sandwich with Tamar Sauce. Mild flavor, soft aroma. sweet and slightly salty. Should be taken as the first course.

Garlic Prawn Focaccia
Crispy shrimps, salty flavored with a slight minty flavored sauce. Reminds us of the scents of spices from India.

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Perfect crispiness, not too oily. Good combination of sweetness and saltiness. Light and delicious, easy to eat.

Deep-fried Shrimp Cakes
Slightly on the oily side. Nice aroma of the shrimp, smooth and springy texture. Consists of both coarse and find shrimp meat. Perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness.

Sufficiently delicious enough without the need to dip in the plum sauce.

Chicken Satay
The chicken was soft and not too dry. The dipping sauce was very fragrant with curry paste and slightly reminded us of Indian food. Predominantly sweet with a smooth texture.

Afternoon Tea

Spicy Duck Salad on Crispy Rice Cakes
The ‘larb’ spicy salad was delicious, flavorful and perfectly spiced.

However, it is recommended that it should be eaten quickly as the crispy rice cakes may be soaked in the salad for too long making it soft and not as tasty while it is still crispy.

Spicy Nam-Tok style Pork Salad
Tasted similar to the ‘larb’ spicy salad, but with a slight difference due to the kaffir lime leaves.

Watermelon with Sweet Crispy Fish
Sweet and fresh watermelon, served with lightly dried fish morsels.

Crispy Rice Vermicelli with Crab Meat
Infused with a traditional fragrance, mostly like from the citron. Good combination of sweetness and saltiness. I did not see any crab meat. T^T

“Ma-Hor” (Minced pork, salted turnip, peanut, palm sugar, and pineapple)
A traditional Thai snack that is quite difficult to find nowadays. Made from sweet and sour crispy pineapple, while the filling is made from fragrant beans, and is placed on top. I personally liked it.

Afternoon Tea

“Chor-Muang” (Chicken dumplings)
Soft chewy texture, with a distinctive garlic filling mixed with the coconut milk aroma. Old-fashioned deliciousness. Could be better if the batter was a little thinner.

Afternoon Tea

Smoked Salmon Dill Rolls
High-quality salmon, slightly salted with a light smoky aroma, wrapped in a soft crepe-like flour. Highly recommended. Would like very much for a second helping.

Beverages of the Afternoon Tea Set

An illustration of the beverage from the breakfast service. ^^

Sencha Green Tea
Medium intensity, slightly sweetened.

Cold/Hot Latte
The first glass we ordered was an iced latte. But before we could drink it, the ice had completely melted. The second glass was the hot latte. The standard is similar to any typical coffee shop.

Orange-flavored Americano
The bitter taste of coffee was attenuated by the sweet sourness of the orange juice. Refreshing and easy to drink.

We only had the opportunity to taste a few of the beverages.

However, the menu list of the Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea Set consisted of several drinks to choose from.

Listed below, are a few of the beverages that are on offer.
• Americano
• Cappuccino
• Espresso
• Double Espresso
• Macchiato
• Mocha
• English Breakfast Tea
• Earl Grey Tea
• Peppermint Tea
• Jasmine Green Tea
• Chamomile Tea
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Cappuccino
• Thai Milk Tea
• Lemon Jasmine Green Tea

Map, Opening Hours, and Pricing

Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea Set


  • Metro On Wireless Restaurant, 2nd Floor of the Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, an IHG Hotel.
  • 81 Wireless Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Opening Hours

• Metro On Wireless Afternoon Tea Set is available between the hours of 14.00 – 16.00 hrs.


• 1000 baht net for 2 persons.
• Unlimited drinks within a 3-hour period.
• For other promotions of the hotel, go to: