A Review of Mor Mu Dong Restaurant Phuket. Spicy Local Food and Intensely Curry Flavoring (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

รีวิว ร้านหมอมูดง ภูเก็ต อาหารถิ่นรสจัด เครื่องแกงเข้ม (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant is probably one of the most famous options, when mentioning about a southern cuisine restaurant with a strong and unique taste in Phuket.

BUT, we want you to read our review before trying it out by yourselves, as their offerings may not be suitable for everyone.



รีวิว ร้านหมอมูดง ภูเก็ต อาหารถิ่นรสจัด เครื่องแกงเข้ม (Michelin Bib Gourmand)


• Spicy food, intense curry flavoring.
• Many unique menu items that cannot be found anywhere else.
• Parking space.


• Crowded meal times, you may have to wait in line.
• Quite a distance away from downtown Phuket.
• It’s a local food restaurant, which may not be to everyone’s liking.
• No air-conditioned rooms.

We have eaten at Mor Mu Dong Restaurant twice already.

The first time was several years ago, and it wasn’t well-known then. We found that their food was very spicy and intensely curry flavored, i.e. no adaptions or exemptions to their tastes for tourists at all.

If compared to One Chun and Nam Yoi restaurants, we liked this restaurant the least. But we still would like to recommend it as their food is very unique and some of you might like it.


รีวิว ร้านหมอมูดง ภูเก็ต อาหารถิ่นรสจัด เครื่องแกงเข้ม (Michelin Bib Gourmand)
รีวิว ร้านหมอมูดง ภูเก็ต อาหารถิ่นรสจัด เครื่องแกงเข้ม (Michelin Bib Gourmand)
รีวิว ร้านหมอมูดง ภูเก็ต อาหารถิ่นรสจัด เครื่องแกงเข้ม (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

The dining area is divided into several open-air booths and has no air-conditioned room. Moderate shade is provided by the nearby mangrove forest.

Here’s our list of recommended menu items at Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

• “Pla Yut Sai” stuffed fish
• Fried squid with black sauce
• Liver-side Pork meat (deep-fried in soy sauce)
• “Jor Poo” Deep-fried crab meat rolls
• Deep-fried eggplant with curry paste
• “Tib” clam and shrimp paste spicy salad
• Stir-fried river snails with betel leaves

Other Items

Listed below are among some of the items that we ordered from our 2 visits to this restaurant.

Fruits & Vegetables


Complimentary – Locally grown vegetables and fruits, such as pineapples and guava, served with southern-style sweet fish sauce (Num Pla Wan).

Pla Yut Sai


80 baht/piece – The restaurant’s signature menu which must not be missed.

It consists of a large tender mackerel, with the bones removed. The meat is scraped out and mixed with red curry paste and then stuffed back inside the fish. It is then deep-fried and served crispy.

The taste is salty spicy taste and fragrant of mackerel meat and curry paste.

Fried squid with black sauce


170 baht – Fresh squid with chewy meat, stir-fried with the squid’s ink. Mildly sweet taste that can compensate the spiciness of other dishes.

Liver-side Pork Meat, deep-fried in soy sauce.

เนื้อข้างตับ ทอดซีอิ๊ว

150 baht – A unique menu item that we experienced for the first time, in which the restaurant uses the pork meat located next to the liver. Rather chewy similar to eating chicken gizzards. Perfectly salted. Should give it a try.

“Tom Som Lampeng” sour soup


50 baht – Lamteng, or in some areas where it is known as Lampeng (Stenochlaena palustris), is a crispy local vegetable, made into a sour soup, similar to pickled mustard greens, with a mild shrimp paste aroma. Refreshing.

Jor Poo


300 baht – Large pieces, not too greasy, good aroma of the crab meat, and perfectly mixed with crispy water chestnut bits. Enjoyably chewy.

Deep-fried ‘Mong’ fish in fish sauce


60 baht/gm. – Fresh fish, tender meat, slightly salted.

Deep-fried eggplant with curry paste


150 baht – Soft eggplant with no overwhelming smell, sprinkled with dry stir-fried curry paste. Salty, spicy, and slightly sweet.

Don’t underestimate that it’s just an eggplant. This item is really delicious and goes well with steamed rice.

“Tib” clam and shrimp paste spicy salad


130 baht – Fresh clams with a dominant sour taste, slightly spicy, mild shrimp paste aroma. It’s easier to consume it than you think.

But chew carefully as some of the clams still have some shell fragments attached.

Stir-fried river snails with betel leaves


150 baht – Fresh snails, firm meat, perfectly flavored. Sweatingly spicy, and fragrant of the onions and curry paste. But after a few mouthfuls, we also got a whiff of curry powder as well.

Seaweed spicy salad


150 baht – Also known as ‘sea grapes’, breaks up in the mouth upon chewing, slightly slimy and salty, and a slight aroma of the sea. Goes well with the spicy salad dressing.

Map, Opening Hours, Pricing

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant, Phuket


• 9/4 Chao Fah Ta Wan Aok Road, Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District., Phuket Town, Phuket Thailand

Opening Hours

• Daily 10.00 – 21.00 hrs.


• ฿฿

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