Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor, a Premium Yakiniku Grill Restaurant with Unlimited Salad Servings

Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor

Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor is a premium yakiniku grill restaurant where you can enjoy Omi beef, which is considered the best sirloin wagyu beef in the world with a history dating back over 400 years. An opportunity not to be missed for meat lovers.

On January 29, 2023, the restaurant has scheduled a discount for this type of beef from 600 baht per piece to only 99 baht!! The restaurant occasionally organizes promotions, and you can keep track of many deals from their Facebook page.


Teppen is a restaurant with several branches, whereby some of them offer a full range of Japanese food, while some only offer grilling, or donburi (Japanese rice-bowl meal).

The one we reviewed in this post is Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor. See all Teppen branches here.


• Excellent beef at a very reasonable price.
• Omi beef, the most delicious Japanese wagyu beef.
• Unlimited salad servings
• Electric grill, less smoke, no lingering smell on your clothes.
• Friendly atmosphere and service. For certain menu items, the chef will prepare them right in front of you.
• Private rooms available.
• The restaurant is located within The Taste Thonglor premises, where it can accommodate parking for about 25 cars.


• No sushi or sashimi available. This branch is suitable for beef lovers.
• A small parking fee is charged if you spend more than 3 hours here.

This restaurant is based on a concept that encourages contentment for its customers, whereby the chefs will prepare your meal right in front of you and they treat all of their diners as VIP guests.

For those who like premium grilled wagyu beef, which is so soft and tender that it practically melts in your mouth, at an affordable price, this is a restaurant that we highly recommend.

How to grill beef Teppen-style

How to grill beef Teppen-style

• First, we have to wait for the fire to heat up a bit.
• If the beef is thinly sliced, just put it on the grill for 5-6 seconds, then flip it over for the same amount of time, and it’s done.
• If the beef is slightly thicker, place it on the grill for about 20 seconds, or if you notice that the uncooked side starts to appear juicy, just flip it over and wait for another 20 seconds, and you’re done.
• It is not recommended to turn the beef over several times as it will dry out the juiciness, making it hard and not tasty.

How to Grill Beef Tongue
• Beef tongue is the hardest part to cook and has to be grilled a bit longer. It can be turned over back and forth several times without it drying up. The staff mentioned that “no matter how you grill it, it’s still delicious”.


The atmosphere of Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor.

Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor
Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor
Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor
Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor
Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor

Private rooms are also available at the restaurant’s 2nd Floor.

These are recommended menu items at Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor.

• Uni Ankimo Wagyu Burger
• Omi Wagyu Sirloin Yakisuki
• Teppen Yakisuki With Premium Egg
• Shape Of Wagyu
• Pan Ice
• Share Happiness Set, suitable for 2-4 diners.

Other Menu Items

Listed below are among some of the items that we sampled at Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor.

Omi Wagyu Sirloin Yakisuki

Omi Wagyu Sirloin Yakisuki
Omi Wagyu Sirloin Yakisuki

Omi beef is considered the world’s most delicious Wagyu beef from Japan. The proportion of meat to fat was just perfect.

This dish was grilled by the chef at the table. The end result was perfectly cooked, soft, tender, practically melted in the mouth, without being too greasy, and came with a mild grilled aroma. Very delicious.

Exclusive!! The restaurant is organizing a promotion on their beef on January 29, in which they will be offering the Omi beef for only 99 baht per piece, from the normal price of 600 baht!!

Wagyu Yakisuki with Premium Egg

Wagyu Yakisuki with Premium Egg

A large chunk of thinly sliced wagyu beef, served in a stylish Mount Fuji-shaped dish.

The beef is briefly grilled and then dipped in a premium-grade raw egg with a mild oiliness but no unwanted smell. The resulting meat is soft and moist and should be eaten while hot. Absolutely delicious.

Uni Ankimo Wagyu Burger

Uni Ankimo Wagyu Burger

A mini burger that was packed with premium ingredients such as uni, Ankimo fish liver, wagyu beef, and balanced out the greasiness with pickled radish and berry sauce.

The resulting taste is a combination of sourness and greasiness, with the fragrance provided by the berries and a slight whiff of the sea. Easy to eat and enjoy.

Shape Of Wagyu

Shape Of Wagyu
Shape Of Wagyu

If you’re not sure what type of wagyu is which, we recommend that you order this dish and you’ll get almost every part of the Wagyu beef, from sliced tongue, thicked tongue, loin, sirloin, sirloin cap, and short ribs.

Sliced tongue and thicked Tongue
Mild flavor and chewy. Many people say that the upper part of the tongue is the most delicious. But I can rarely differentiate them, maybe because I can’t grill them properly.

Rosu (Loin)
The meat is tender with less fat. Comes with a slight meaty smell. I liked this part.

Harami (Skirt Steak)
Meat from the belly. Contains less fat than Karubi. The meat is a bit coarse and comes with a slight beef aroma.

Karubi (Short Rib)
It has a fair amount of fat which will fill your mouth when bitten. No unwanted aroma. Personally, I didn’t like this part much as it was quite greasy. It should be eaten with wasabi or salt to add more flavoring.

Ichibo (Sirloin Cap)
The cow’s butt, is tender and fatty, but not as much as Karubi.

The sirloin has the most fat and is extremely tender with a mild beefy aroma.

The correct way to indulge in this menu item is to start from the part with less fat and work your way right up to the parts with the most fat, to avoid the oiliness.

After listening to their instructions, we just ate randomly, sprinkling some salt and the restaurant’s wasabi recipe. Turned out that it wasn’t so greasy after all. ^^

Share Happiness Set

Share Happiness Set
Share Happiness Set

A large party set for 2-4 people, consisting of a signature menu, i.e. the Wagyu Yakisuki with premium egg, pork belly, chicken, beef tongue, Vienna sausages with a tight skin, and other types of meat, such as the Sankaku Bara loin, and popular cuts such as sirloin and short ribs.

Pan Ice

Pan Ice

A scooped-out crispy and lightly-toasted baguette, and stuffed with homemade vanilla ice cream with just the perfect sweetness. Served with honey. A perfect ending to a very satisfying meal.

Sparkling Red Wine

Sparkling Red Wine

Tarty with a trace of mild bitterness and sparkle and the aroma of Lambrusco grapes, makes this a great drink to go with the beef. Normally, I don’t drink alcohol but tried a few sips and felt that it was very nice.

But always keep in mind, don’t drink and drive.

The Salad Buffet

The Salad Buffet

No matter which menu you order, every item will also include unlimited salad servings. So, don’t overlook to compliment your most delicious grilled beef dish with crispy fresh vegetables.

Yakiniku and Wasabi Dipping Sauce

Premium Egg

Premium Egg
High-quality eggs from the restaurant’s own farm come with a thick texture, sweet and oily taste, and saltiness from the Yakisuki sauce. No unwanted aroma at all. Most importantly, it contains 25 times more Vitamin E than normal eggs and 3 times more DHA.

Momiji Oroshi Ponzu
Ponzu sauce, is sour, salty, and slightly spicy, with a fragrant Yuzu-orange scent.

Yakiniku Sauce

Yakiniku Sauce
Consist of 3 types of dipping sauces: sweet, spicy (which smells like gochujang), and salty with a distinct ginger aroma.


Wasabi mixed with pickled wasabi, suitable to be taken with grilled beef. It has a sweet and salty taste, followed by a slight aroma of wasabi.

Location, Opening Hours, Pricing

Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor


• The Taste 235 Thong Lo Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Opening Hours

• Daily 11.00 – 23.00 hrs.


• ฿฿ – ฿฿฿฿

Contact Information

• Yakiniku by Teppen Thonglor: The Taste, Thonglor Soi 11, Tel. 02 544 0214
• Yakiniku by Teppen Phrom Phong: Bambini Villa, Sukhumvit Soi 26, Tel. 02 056 4337