Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant

Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant

Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi) is a 100% vegan restaurant without animal products. Many people may wonder if it’s appetizing. We’ll review the pros and cons along with signature menus of the restaurant that are very easy to eat and you may want to try.


Overview of Vegenerie Kingkaew


• Delicious and tasty
• Various menus with cheese
• Delicious snacks, especially chocolate ice-cream
• Parking lot


• Cheese is not creamy, like a cheese from milk
• Some menus are expensive
• Jingle bell Smoothie

After going to this restaurant 3 times at Veganerie Street, Veganerie Nana, and Vegenerie Kingkaew near Suvarnabhumi Airport, we can say that those who want to eat delicious food can come to this restaurant.

It has good taste. It does not smell green. You can eat easily even if you’re not a vegan.


Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant
Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant
Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant
Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi), 100% Vegan Restaurant

Vegenerie Kingkaew near Suvarnabhumi Airport.

• V-Chicken and Mung Bean Fries ***
• Taiwanese Meat Sauce Noodles ***
• Spicy Wontons ***
• BBQ Pulled Pork Burger
• Chocolate Banana Waffle
• Vegan Red Velvet Cake

*** Only at Veganerie Kingkaew

Other Menu Items

This was all the food we ate that day.

Main Dishes

V-Chicken and Mung Bean Fries

V-Chicken and Mung Bean Fries
210 baht – French fries were made from green beans but they were similar to potatoes with pork stewed in gravy favor.

The fried chicken is made from snow mushrooms (monkey head mushrooms or yamabushitake), with a firm texture and a slight fried aroma. This menu was enjoyable to eat.

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Noodles

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Noodles
245 baht – Flat noodles are eaten with meaty (plant-based) sauce and soft tofu.

The fragrant smell of pork stewed in gravy favor, pepper, and a little tofu served with fresh vegetables in sesame oil.

Spicy Wontons 

Spicy Wontons 
195 baht – The dough is soft. The filling is crunchy. The sauce is sweet and salty and slightly sour. You can smell dried chili with pepper. It’s so tasty.

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger
310 baht – The bread is soft and lightly roasted. The beef was made from bouncy mushrooms mixed with crispy vegetables with sweet and sour fillings like a coleslaw flavor, served with crispy french fries.

Holiday Hashes 

Holiday Hashes 
250 baht – Hash browns were large and lightly salty, not oily, topped with salsa, tomatoes, pineapples. It’s rather mild.

Veganerie Pizza Set

Veganerie Pizza Set
285 baht – It’s Roti-like flour. Tomato sauce had plant-based sausage and mushrooms with a sweet and sour taste. The flavor of oregano is strong served with tuna salad, sprinkled with cheese from the cashew nuts but not as much as cheese from milk. It’s sweet and sour taste and easy to eat.


Chocolate Banana Waffle

Chocolate Banana Waffle
175 baht – The chocolate ice cream had a heavy texture and was bitter and slightly sweet. The waffle was firm with slightly crispy dough and firm whipped cream, creamy, not greasy, it’s delicious to eat together.

Vegan Red Velvet Cake

Vegan Red Velvet Cake
140 baht – The cake was firm and juicy. The cream was made with soy cream. The first bite smelled like soybean juice, but it was gone for the next one. It has a slightly sour taste like a real cream cheese.

Mixed Berry Crumble Bar

Mixed Berry Crumble Bar
140 baht – It has a crunchy texture from oatmeal. The blueberry filling was lightly sweet and sour. I think the cake was a bit dry.


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Jingle bell Smoothie (the right glass)
230 baht – Avocado smoothie with vegetables, such as kale and stevia had a greasy, bitter taste that is not sweet at all. It smelled a little green and was very hard to eat. It is not recommended.

Mango Milkshake (the middle glass)
195 baht – Mango blended with vanilla ice cream was less sweet. Mango flavor was not strong. The texture is heavy. Only one glass made you full.

Map, Opening Hours, Pricing

Vegenerie Kingkaew (Suvarnabhumi)


• 68/50 Amara Building, Soi King Kaeo 40/2, Racha Thewa, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540

Getting to Veganerie Kingkaew

Buses: Line 132, 133, 537, 552, 553, 558 to King Kaew Intersection and then take red/blue buses.
Private Car: Park in front of the restaurant or around the building for about 12 cars.

Opening Hours

• Daily 09.30 – 22.00 hrs


• ฿฿

Contact Information

• Website:
• FB: Veganerie.Official
• IG:
• Line: @veganerie or click here
• TikTok: veganerie.official