Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Naka Cave, Phu Langka National Park, Bueng Kan

Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Naka Cave, Phu Langka National Park, Bueng Kan

Naka Cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bueng Kan Province. It is renowned for its sacredness associated with Naka (the mythical serpent deity).

Many people visit this cave to seek blessings. Besides its spiritual significance, the mountain offers stunning views and fascinating rock formations, catering to nature lovers too.

In this post, we’ll answer common questions about the cave, including how long is the walk, the best time to visit, and what preparations you should make, based on our experiences.

Location of Naka Cave

• Naka Cave is on a mountain in Phu Langka National Park in Bueng Kan Province. You can find it on the map above.

• Before entering the cave, there are food stalls, beverage vendors, clothing shops, and herbal medicine stalls to cater to visitors.

Other Attractions on the Mountain

Apart from Naka Cave, there are additional attractions on the mountain.

ประตูเต่า ถ้ำนาคา

• Turtle Gate, it is the cute round stones.

• The cliff with stones resembling a monkey face, the guide will point it out.

The way down to Naka Cave is a narrow walkway where tourists like to take pictures

• Naka Cave is a small stalactite with a pattern similar to the Naka scales. This point is popular among tourists for taking pictures.

Naka’s heart

• In Naka Cave, there are Naka’s heart and Buddha sheltered by Naka posture.


• Luang Pu Sao Pagoda, there is a beautiful viewpoint behind the pagoda


• Luang Pu Wang Pagoda is at the highest point on this mountain. Walk up the green Naka stairs to reach it.


• Luang Pu Wang Cave, tourists like to ask for Naka’s blessings, especially for wealth.

เศียรพญานาค 1
Naka’s head 1

• Naka’s head 1 is next to Luang Pu Wang Cave. This is a popular spot. Expect a long queue if there are many tourists.
• Naka’s head 2 is on the edge of the cliff. It is currently not open to the public because it is dangerous.

เศียรพญานาค 4
Naka’s head 4

• Naka’s crest, Naka’s head 3, and Naka’s head 4 are not well known, but the guide will point it out.

Accommodation Near Naka Cave

• Most accommodations near Naka Cave are in the Bueng Khong Long District of Bueng Kan Province. You can search for them on Agoda.

• We stayed at the Mowich Naga, which is approximately 20 minutes away from Phu Langka National Park.

Which Month Is the Best for Visiting?

• The period from late rainy season to early winter, around October, is the most beautiful because of the lush green moss.
• Phu Langka National Park is closed for nature recovery in May.

Walking Up to Naka Cave


• The distance from the base to the mountaintop is approximately 1.2 kilometers. There are stairs and shady trees along the way.

• The mountaintop is a wide area, but there are few trees, and the sun is intense.
• If you want to visit attractions on the mountaintop, you’ll need to walk an additional 2 kilometers.
• The ascent and descent paths are mostly the same. If there are many people, it may take longer than usual because of sharing the path.

Compared to Phu Kradueng, Which One Is Easier to Hike?

• Naka Cave is easier to walk.
Phu Kradueng is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand. It requires a long hike to reach the top.

Are There Restrooms on the Mountain?

• There are small restrooms on the mountain, but during our visit, there was no water.
• On the day we went (February 2024), the park was renovating the restrooms, water should be available soon.
• It’s better to use the restroom before hiking.

What Time Should You Hike?

• Go on a weekday for fewer tourists and no waiting in line for photos.
• Arrive at 6.00 hrs. and start walking before the weather becomes too hot.
• If you start later, around 14.00 hrs., you can only visit a few attractions because the park wants visitors to reach the base of the mountain by 17.00 hrs.
• If you can’t make it in time, the guide will coordinate with the staff to pick you up.

How Long Does the Hike Take?

• The ascent and descent, including stops at all attractions on the mountain, take 4-5 hours.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

• 1-2 bottles of water.
• Food to eat on the mountain top. You can buy them from the shops at the base of the mountain.
• Inhaler, balm, or personal medicine.

How to Dress?

• This place is sacred. Please dress appropriately.
• Gloves, if you have them, if not, it’s okay. There are shops selling gloves before going up the mountain.
• Hat and sunglasses.
• Skirts/sarongs and high heels are not permitted.
• Choose shoes you regularly wear that won’t cause discomfort. Flip-flops are not recommended.

Expenses for Going Up Naka Cave

Entrance fees to Phu Langka National Park for Thais
• Adults 15-60 years old 20 baht per person.
• Children aged 03-14 years, 10 baht per person.
• Children under 3 years old and adults over 60 years old are free of admission.
• Life insurance 10 baht per person.

Entrance fees to Phu Langka National Park for foreigners
• Adults 15-60 years old 200 baht per person.
• Children aged 03-14 years 100 baht per person.
• Life insurance 40 baht per person

• You must hire a guide, which costs 500 baht.
• One guide can take care of a maximum of 7 tourists.

What kind of help can a guide provide?
• The guide can tell stories and legends of the mountains.
• The guide will point out interesting points we might overlook.
• In the guide’s backpack, there are drinking water, snacks, first aid equipment, and garbage bags.
• The guide helps coordinate with the officials in case of an accident.

Who Can Go Up to Mountain?

• Healthy people without blood pressure issues or knee pain.
• I don’t recommend taking kids with you.
• Even though it may take longer than usual, strong elderly can still go up.

Do You Have to Book a Queue?

• Phu Langka National Park allows a maximum of 1,000 tourists daily, with 700 being walk-ins and 300 booking through QueQ.
• If you go on a weekday morning, you’ll be able to enter right away. Don’t worry about the queue.